UN Called for Restoration of Development Projects in Afghanistan

Pashto Tabsera

KABUL (BNA) Diplomats in the United Nations, on late Monday night’s meeting of the Security Council of that organization, demanded that Afghans should have access to their country’s foreign exchange reserves and emphasized the resumption of development projects in Afghanistan.

BNA analyst; On late Monday night, the United Nations Security Council held a meeting about Afghanistan, in which the political, security, economic, social situation, the education process, and some other issues were discussed.

Although in this meeting, criticisms were raised against the Islamic Emirate, the participants focused more on the economic situation of Afghanistan, which has deteriorated over the past year, and a number of diplomats demanded that Afghans should have access to their country’s foreign exchange reserves, at the same time they emphasized on the resumption of development projects in Afghanistan.

The head of UNAMA, or the United Nations Mission Assistant in Afghanistan, mentioned the efficiency of the Islamic Emirate in providing security and non-interference in the process of providing assistance to the people of Afghanistan, and considered the release of Afghanistan’s foreign currency assets as a suitable solution for the current economic crisis in Afghanistan.

In his opinion, “Islamic Emirate has guaranteed the control of their lands, they are asking for recognition.

The effort to facilitate access to the assets belonging to the Central Bank of Afghanistan is for the benefit of the Afghan people, and we are happy that there is zero interference in the provision of humanitarian aid.” Said the UNAMA head in Afghanistan.

Martin Griffiths, the head of the United Nations aid, said that “countries should resume the process of development aid, which has been stopped due to the dominance of the re-establishment of the current system in Afghanistan.” From the point of view of this UN diplomat, the resumption of development projects will facilitate the work environment for Afghans and the economic status of families will change positively.

It should be said that in the meeting of the UN Security Council, a number of representatives warned about the growth of terrorism and extremism in Afghanistan and almost repeated their past conversations, while the Islamic Emirate has a clear statement in this regard that Afghanistan is not a source of threat to others and it will not be allowed that others use Afghanistan as a tool against its neighbors or any other country, unlike this Afghanistan which is threatened by others, the issue of American drones makes it clear that Afghanistan It is being threatened by countries near and far, I wish the Security Council would address this problem as well.

In any case, in the recent meeting of the UN Security Council, there was more discussion on the continuation of the aid process with the Afghan people.

The Afghan people welcome such discussions, but they emphasize that such cooperation should not be political, partial, or for the sake of fighting.

On the other hand, humanitarian aid is a long-term solution, reducing poverty and basic services must ultimately rely on sustainable economic growth, here it is necessary for international institutions to think about supporting and strengthening the infrastructure in Afghanistan, and according to Martin Griffiths, the head of United Nations aid can be praised for emphasizing the initiation of development projects.

These statements send the message that the construction, infrastructure, and public benefits work should not be given a political color, and bearing in mind the weak and questionable work that a number of Anjos have done in Afghanistan, these aids should be provided through the channels of institutions. The official of the Islamic Emirate will be implemented, the institutions that consider themselves responsible and answerable to the system, and the continuation of targeted aid that is accompanied by the support of infrastructure projects will guarantee the stability and future of Afghanistan and meet the needs of the people.

Due to forty years of war, most of which is caused by foreign intervention and aggression, Afghanistan remains a country that relies on international aid, even though there has been a noticeable reduction in the aid ceiling of the international community compared to the past. Continuation of global support is a necessity.


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