Natural Disasters Caused $2 bln Damages in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan today, Thursday publishing a report on human casualties and damage to infrastructure said the to the recent natural disasters in the country caused $2 billion financial losses.

The report said that 1,570 citizens were martyred and 5,842 others were injured in the past early days of natural disasters incidents in country.

17,726 families were displaced and more than one million were affected, and 51,518 animals were killed, added to the report.

The damage to the country’s infrastructure that 16 thousand houses were completely destroyed and 19,700 houses were partially destroyed, 51 mosques, 35 schools, 12 clinics, 29 water supply networks, 635 thousand acres of farmlands, 371,342 acres of gardens, 4,470 meters of large rivers , 284 wells, five mills, 766 bridges and culverts, 569 kilometers of roads, about 27 thousand meters of retaining walls, 4,254 solar panels and nearly 5,000 small water Dams have been destroyed and damaged due to these natural disasters (floods and earthquakes), the total amount of damage has reached two billion dollars financially.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have also taken a series of necessary and timely measures in response to these incidents.

Above 3,500 citizens have been rescued and thousands of people have been treated by various organizations of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with the assistance of 430 flights and 500 ambulances, said officials at the government.

At the same time, thousands of families have been provided food and cash equivalent to 2 million dollars.

In the report, 100,000 temporary shelters (tents, tarpaulins and floors, 350,000 blankets and mattresses, 100 kitchen utensils, 100 health kits, 160,000 tons of food and 1,500 Tons of fuel and 50,000 sets of agricultural equipment have been shown.

At the end of the report, the urgent needs of government agencies are also indicated, including the Ministry of Rural and Development’s 200 million dollars for the construction of houses, roads, water supply networks and electrical infrastructure, the Ministry of Agriculture for fruit trees and 60 million dollars for the repair of fruitless plants, dams and canals, 40 million dollars for the temporary shelter and food aid of the Ministry of Migration Affairs, as well as the construction of health centers of the Ministry of Public Health and 22 million dollars have been requested to prevent infectious diseases.

Meanwhile, a conference was held today, Thursday in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the title (Collecting Aid for Recent Natural Disasters in Afghanistan) in which some members of the Cabinet of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in Kabul, Ambassadors of a number of countries and representatives of international aid organizations participated.


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