Flash Floods Killed 18 Injured 40 Including Women, Children in Kunar

KUNAR (BNA) The Kunar Disaster Management department says that 18 people, including women and children, lost their lives, 40 others were injured and 579 houses have been destroyed in recent floods.

The provincial head of Agriculture and Livestock of Kunar Mawlawi Hedayatullah told BNA that the floods damaged 2,918 acres of agricultural land in Kunar and destroyed crops.

12 acres of fruit orchards, 3 big canals, 145 small dams, 227 animals, and 3 fish farms have been destroyed in the flood in Kunar, he added.

A campaign has started to attract assistance for the Islamic Emirate and humanitarian aid organizations in order to collect donations for the victims of the floods, he said.

Meanwhile, the head of Public Works Affairs, in Kunar says that the recent floods have damaged highways, retaining walls, and culverts worth 50 million Afghanis in this province.

The people of Kunar say that the floods have caused heavy losses the people and they want the Islamic Emirate to help them.

They say that in addition to personal damage, their houses were destroyed, their lands were destroyed and their crops were destroyed.

At the same time, the head of information and culture of Kunar says that some of the affected families have been given first aid, adding that the aid is not enough, He called on charities to assist the flood-affected families of the province.


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