4 days ago

    Taliban, We control 90 percent of Afghanistan's borders.

    Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, He told Sputnik, Afghanistan's Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Türkmenistan ve İran sınırlarının yaklaşık yüzde 90’ını kontrolü altında olduğunu…
    5 days ago

    FILE NEWS: Taliban Kabil’;e When It First Arrives

    Pentagon sözcüsü İran'ın Irak'taki ABD güçlerine saldıran militanları "silahlandırdığını ve finanse ettiğini" told.
    2 weeks ago

    Turkey Impassable!

    Independence, future, homeland, who does not hesitate to pay any price when it comes to the flag, Turkish Nation standing together against all kinds of threats, 15…
    6 March 2021

    Esref Gani: We will achieve lasting peace when the people of Afghanistan see and embrace themselves as part of peace.

    President Gani, Ulusal Meclis’;in 17. The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Muhammed Eşref Gani, officially opened the third year of the legislative period this morning.;
    27 February 2021

    The migrants Greek soldiers left to die, Mehmetçik saved

    Greek soldiers battered at the Edirne border, Mehmetçik rescued 29 illegal immigrants whose money and passports were confiscated. AK Party Spokesperson Çelik,…
    27 February 2021

    First in the world: Transformed into a city laboratory

    Serrana, a Brazilian city with a population of 45,000, is aimed to be the first in herd immunity. How Does? Transformed into a research lab, the city's & hellip;
    27 February 2021

    Japan surrenders to flames: 106 hectares of land destroyed

    The fire that started in the forest area in Ashikaga city of Tochigi province of Japan has been going on for about 6 days.. In case of an undetermined fire, en & hellip;
    27 February 2021

    Photos of the week 19-25 February 2021

    What happened in the last week? Here from fun to sports, events and photos that mark the week from politics to the arts.. İtalya’;nın Sicilya Adası’;nes 3 & hellip;
    27 February 2021

    Concentration Camps in East Turkistan: Genocide Step by Step

    Concentration camps that started to be established intensively throughout East Turkistan since April 2017 and whose number is stated to exceed 1,200 and these & hellip;
    25 February 2021

    Ermenistan’;coup attempt: Pashinyan supporters and opponents took to the streets

    Onik Gasparyan, Chief of General Staff of Armenia and senior commanders, Prime Minister issued a statement calling on Nikol Pashinyan to resign. & Hellip in local media in Armenia;
    24 February 2021

    Baarack, the sheep that has lived in the wild for years, He survived his 35-pound burden

    A sheep thought to have roamed the wild for 5 years was found in Lancefield, in the south of Australia.. Baarack & hellip by animal lovers;
    24 February 2021

    ;Geleceğin şehri’;construction started

    Japan-based Toyota, first announced in January 2020, ;Geleceğin şehri’; For the Woven City project, also known as mobilization & hellip;

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