Construction Of 3 Water Supply Networks Starts in Nimroz

NIMROZ (BNA) The construction of three water supply networks in Nimroz province started on Monday said local officials.
Mullah Mohammad Haq Basheer head of the Nimroz Rural Rehabilitation DevelopmentDepartment, told BNA that these three-water supply project being built by the department at the cost of 21 million Afghanis with financial assistance from UNICEF.
He added that with the construction of these three water supply networks, the potable water problem of 540 families in seven villages of the province will be solved.
Despite the fact that the residents of Chakhansoor district of Nimroz have been traveling several kilometers to provide safe drinkable water for several years.
The residents of the mentioned of the province expressed their satisfaction with the construction of water supply networks in this district.

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