2,339 cases Registered in a Year: MoJ

KABUL (BNA) The Deputy Ministry of Justice says that in the past year, 2,339 cases have reached the Islamic Emirate’s lawsuit department, which have been assigned to three courts after review.

Mawlawi Abdul Karim Haidar, the deputy of the Ministry of Justice, told the nation today at the government accountability program, that the Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Emirate is one of the important and key ministries in the Islamic Emirate, which has achieved many achievements in the past year.

During the stages of legislative, legal documents, it has had coherence and cases of the Islamic Emirates.

He said that 20 procedures and different legal documents have been completed, 172 legal consultations, 26 sentiments expressed and 82422 documents have been certified and translated, and the amount of 1.3 million Afghanis has been collected from this revenue department.

The drafts of 14 legislative documents have been verified and sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval, he added.

He said, within a year, the procedures of the judicial internship program and the curriculum of the legislative internship program were revised and revised in accordance with the policy of the Islamic Emirate.

According to him, 132 samples of seals have been prepared by the ministry in central and provincial directorates.

The Deputy Ministry of Justice said that in the past year, 97,700 legal cases have been submitted to the Ministry of Justice in the center and provinces, of which 33,700 are in the real estate sector, 57,000 in the commercial sector and 7,000 in the family sector, some of which have been amended and the number of them under Many of these cases have been assigned to the relevant courts and administrations.

“In the past year, 2339 cases have been submitted from the Islamic Emirate’s Justice Department to the Ministry of Justice, and after the review and decisions of the courts, more than 3032 acres of land and properties were recovered, and more than eleven million Afghanis were also recovered.” From this section, it has been handed over to the Islamic Emirate,” he added.

He said that in the past year, a total of 10 million Afghani was collected from the departments of the ministry in the center and provinces.

He pointed out that all issues are solved in the light of Islamic Shari’ah and Hanafi jurisprudence, and he mentioned about the activities of political parties and said that now in Afghanistan, the activities of political parties are no longer seen.

During the press conference, the deputy Minister of Justice also gave information about the achievements of other departments of the ministry.


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