1.6 bln Afs Collected Through National ID cards Distribution

Kabul (BNA) Today, Thursday in the government accountability program to nation nation, the officials of the National Statistics and Information Authority shared the department one year accomplishment.

In a press conference, held at the government information and media center, the head of the said department, Dr. Faqeer Mohammad Zayar, said that currently 68 branches of electronic ID cards are active in the country, of which 15 are in Kabul, and 53 others are in the provinces.

Ziyar said that in the past one year, the agency, in order to provide more convenience in providing services to the citizens, the new draft of the Law on Registration of Citizens, and the registration of SIM cards of telecommunication.

Later, the deputy of the National Statistics and Information Authority, Ismatullah Hakimi, provide detials about the principle of data collection said that this agency has published 32 annual, quarterly and monthly publications of economic, social and environmental statistics.

The department estimated the country’s population for the year 1401 by different administrative units and presented the export and import data based on the port data, which shows a 37 percent increase compared to last year, Hakimi.

With the financial support of UNICEF, the Department has been conducting the AMICS survey for the past eight months.

The exact situation of vulnerable women and children in the country will be known.

At the same time, Mohammad Sabeer Stankzai, the Deputy Director of Population Registration of the National Statistics and Information Agency, explained in his speech that after the arrival of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the agency has distributed 2.1 million electronic ID cards throughout the country .

The number of distributed electronic ID cards reaches 8.2 million, according to the department.

The distribution of electronic identity cards, 1.6 billion Afghani revenues have been collected and handed over to the state treasury.

In continuation of the meeting, Engineer Abdul Mateen, head of the Department of Geographical Information, said that 2.6 million hectares of land are under cultivation in the whole country, of which 2 million hectares are irrigated and 600,000 hectares are irrigated.

1.9 million hectares of wheat and 141 thousand hectares of rice have been planted among the mentioned lands.

According to the information of the officials of the National Statistics and Information Authority; the department currently has 5,807 employees, contractual (NTA) and part-time employees, of which 476 are women.


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